Yeeeee!~ Shocker Combatant Fashion & Accessories Announced!

In May and June, Premium Bandai is releasing several new (and re-releasing some older) Shocker Combatant-themed Fashion items and accessories!


A Shocker transformation pullover knit parka (8,100 yen) is available for June pre-order. This particular parka is an exclusive at the Parco Museum Kamen Rider 45th Exhibition shop: the excess, if available, will be sold at Premium Bandai after the event.

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This parka also comes in a zip-up knit variety (9,720 yen), also a June pre-order.

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A Shocker transformation knit hat (3,240 yen) is available for May pre-order and is also a Parco exclusive available in limited quantities after the event.

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Shocker transformation t-shirts come in short sleeve (3,086 yen) and long sleeve (3,780 yen) varieties for May pre-orders.


Shocker pattern ties (4,320 yen) come in two varieties, single combatant and “all-over” pattern for June release.


Similarly, the 45th Anniversary Shocker tote bags (10,800 yen) come in single mask and “all-over” pattern, also a June release.

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Re-released shocker t-shirts include: a Shocker Combatants Bone t-shirt, a “Yeee~!” Shocker salute shirt, and a Yeee~!” Shocker mask t-shirt. These three t-shirts are May releases for 3,600 yen.


Last but not least, a Shocker combatant transformation hoodie (7,714 yen) is also being re-released for July shipment.


These items can only be ordered through a middleman service.

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