New 2016 Windscale Casual Items Open for Pre-Order

It’s been 5 years since Kamen Rider W ended, and Bandai is still releasing brand new designs for the Windscale line! The 2016 designs include purses/wallets, suits, ties & scarves.

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There are three new Windscale tie designs in various colors (Bandai links: left, middle, right). Each is made from 100% silk and retails for 4,212 yen as March 2016 releases.

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New designs and colors are also available for Windscale suits. The jacket (17,280 yen, April release) and vest (12,960 yen, April release) feature genuine leather collar and pocket accents, differentiating them from previous release. The pants share the same design as previous releases, but now come in charcoal grey (8,100 yen, January release).

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The new Windscale Earth-themed bags, purses and wallets are made from light blue genuine leather (links, clockwise from top left: purse, wallet, business card case, key case).. Each has the earth emblem cast in brass and pewter as the clasp or tag. Prices range from 7,560 to 34,560 yen for May 2016 release.

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Last but not least, there are brand-new Windscale two-tone scarves, designed to after W’s forms. The scarves are a 70/30 acrylic/wool blend and retail for 4,230 yen as February releases.

These items can only be ordered through a middleman service.


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