Ultraman 50th Anniversary Wallets & Cases Open for Pre-Order!

Premium Bandai has opened pre-orders for a series of 50th anniversary wallets and cases for September pre-order. Each features an “Ultraman 50th” metal tag and is made of genuine leather.


The wallets each have embossed Ultra series symbols.


The rounded wallet (shown above) is 17,280 yen and measures 9 × 19.5 × 2 (cm).


The rectangular wallet is also 17,280 yen and measures 9×19×1.8 cm.


The bi-fold wallet is 15,120 yen and measures 9×11×2 cm.

Other Cases

There are three other cases in this release which are also made from genuine leather (but not embossed).


The key case is 9,180 yen and measures 6.5 × 11 cm.


The card case is 8,100 yen and measures 7.2×11 cm.


The coin case is 6,480 yen and measures. 7.5×7.5×1.7 cm. These items can only be ordered through a middleman service.

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