TBT: Kamen Rider W Shotaro & Philip Underwear

Our throwback Thursdays feature older items that are in stock at Bandai. This means they can be ordered through a middleman service for retail price!

Today’s feature is Kamen Rider W men and women’s underwear (2009). They are available in Shotaro and Philip models for each gender (women’s shown below).


Both come only in one size: Men’s M (1,543 yen) will fit a 76-84 cm waist  and Ladies’ M (1,234 yen) will fit 87-92 cm hips. Prices are for a single set.

 Kamen Rider W Underwear
 Gender  Item (linked) Size
 Men’s  Shoutaro 76-84 cm Waist
 Men’s Philip 76-84 cm Waist
 Women’s Shoutaro 87-92 cm Hips
Women’s Philip 87-92 cm Hips

2 thoughts on “TBT: Kamen Rider W Shotaro & Philip Underwear

  1. dude you can seriously still get these??? holy crap i didn’t need to know that now i’m tempted. i always wanted these haha.

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