TBT: Busters, Ready Go!

Our throwback Thursdays feature older items that are still in stock at Bandai. This means they can be ordered through a middleman service for retail price! The remaining number of each item varies, but is generally low and often in the single digits.

Today’s feature are Go-Busters costumes (2012). Red Buster is available as a full set including jacket (17,485; size M or L), pants (12,343 yen; size M or L), and harness (10,286 yen; one size fits all).


Availability is mixed for Blue & Yellow Buster. The Blue Buster jacket (size M & L) and harness are available at the same price as red.  For Yellow Buster, only the shorts are available (10286 yen, size M). The other items are discontinued and will have to be purchased second-hand. We do not expect these to re-stock at Bandai (but you never know)!

 Go-Busters Costume Availability
 Item (linked)  Status Size
 Red Jacket  In Stock M & L
 Red Pants  In Stock  M & L
 Red Harness  In Stock  One Size
 Blue Jacket  In Stock   M & L
 Blue Pants  Out of Stock/Discontinued  
 Blue Harness  In Stock  One Size
 Yellow Jacket  Out of Stock/Discontinued  
 Yellow Shorts  In Stock  M
 Yellow Harness  Out of Stock/Discontinued  

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