Review: Souta Mogami/Bouken Blue Official Jacket

Released in 2006, Boukenger is the 30th season of Super Sentai, and also the 30th anniversary (d’uh). This years theme was “Adventure” ala Indiana Jones. The premise was for our Bouken heroes to obtain dangerous precious, and ensure the evil groups (all 4 of them this year) didn’t get a hold of them.

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Each of the rangers’ jackets contain their ranger color, as well as the beige/sand color seen in the photos. I believe the beige color is in honour of archeology in general, as this is a color associated with that profession.


The jacket is a fairly standard cut, with some nice detailing around the wrists.


The left wrist has a “blue” camouflage pattern, also used inside the collar. The zipper pocket on the left side of the chest is also functional.

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The BoukenBlue jacket features 5 pockets; 3 outer and 2 inner. Both inner pockets are functional. The left pocket has a “GoGo Sentai Boukenger” nylon patch stitched on. The inside is lined with typical jacket lining.


The jacket also comes with a pouch for the Accellular, the Boukenger’s Change device. The pouch features a pleather strap and metal D-ring. Another version was sold seperately, but was made entirely from Neoprene. It can be removed from the jacket.

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The back of the jacket has “Search Guard Successor” written on it.

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Last but not least, the back of the collar features an embroidered Boukenger compass logo.

The BoukenBlue character, Shouta, was my favorite of the characters on the show, so I’m biased in regards to the overall liking of the jacket. Boukenred’s jacket was a bit nicer, design-wise, but I’m so happy I was able to find this jacket regardless.

I’m a EU/US Medium, so I opted for the Japanese large size. However, I do feel this is actually slightly too big on me. A medium would most likely fit me a better. The only real let-down on this jacket are the zippers. Despite being YKK, they’re gritty and hard to do up, compared to most other YKK zippers. I don’t know if it’s simply because it’s been used very little or its because the teeth are coated with an alloy, but I would much prefer other zippers. I’m also not very fond of how “dangly” the Accellular holster sits. This is most likely due to a sizing issue, but some sort of sewn-in piece of foam or stiff fabric could have helped this issue.

Apart from these minimal issues, I have only good things to say about this jacket, much like the season it’s from.


 Value    4star  If you’re a fan – get one. But avoid spending more than a max of $300.
 Detail 5star Nailed the details. They are as they look on the show.
 Quality 4star  Good fabric choices, no complaints.
 Sizing  Runs Large  Compared to other Bandai jackets



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