Bandai clothing items are in Japan sizing, which typically runs a full size smaller than the equivalent US size. As a result, if you are a US men’s M, you will likely need to order a Bandai L.

  • Bandai Small/Women’s One Size = US Men’s XS, Women’s M
  • Bandai Medium = US Men’s S, Women’s L
  • Bandai Large/Men’s One Size = US Men’s M
  • Bandai LL or XL (not available for all jackets) n= US Men’s L

A term you might encounter on Bandai Fashion is “actor size”. This is the size garment the actor in the show wears (typically a medium). Jackets are sized to fit the actors, and as a result fit varies widely between different jackets and seasons. People often find that they are generally a certain size, but on some jackets they wear a size up or down.

The safest approach is to translate the size chart (if available) on the items’ listing at Bandai Fashion. Here are some tips for reading a size chart:

  • All measures are in centimeters
  • These are the measurements of the garment, not the person wearing it. To fit it, you will need to be smaller than the measurements.
  • The most important measurement is bust, which you should be 2-5 cm smaller than for proper fit. If the bust is 110cm/43.3 inches, your measurement must be 42 inches or smaller to fit.

A typical size chart looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.48.36 PM

The top line reads:

Ladies’ one size: Length 70 cm | Body Width 44 cm | Hem Width 49 cm

You must double the body width and hem width to get the circumference. In order to fit this jacket in the smallest size, you must have a chest/bust measure of 44*2-2 = 86 cm or 33 inches or less. If you have questions about sizing, please contact us.

 Size Glossary
 サイズ  Size  Bandai sizing (S, M, L, etc.)
レディース  Women’s (Size)  Women’s one size/Men’s S
 着丈 (CB)  Length  The length of the garment
肩巾  Shoulder Width  From shoulder seam to shoulder seam across the back
 バスト Chest/Bust  Circumference around the largest portion of the chest
身巾 Body Width  Double this to get the Chest/Bust measure above
胴廻 Waist Narrowest point/natural waist above the belly button
 裾回り  Hem  Circumference around the bottom hem of the garment
裾巾  Hem Width  Double this to get the Hem measure above
袖丈  Sleeve Length  From shoulder seam to the wrist


Bandai Rings come in the following Japanese sizes. A ring size converter is available here: International Ring Sizing Chart. We highly recommend going to a jeweler and having your finger sized (usually they will do this for free) or purchasing a ring sizer off Amazon.

ring_size2 (1)


The “standard size” Bandai hat is 58cm. In US sizes this is a 7 1/4 or a small L. Hats sometimes come in other sizes as described by the product page. A hat size chart comparison is available here: Hat Sizing Chart.