Things to Consider when Buying Fashion Items

  • Is it in good condition? Does it have any wear? Pay special attention to pleather jackets. Once the jacket has begun to peel or crack, the damage is irreversible. Go-onger jackets are particularly prone to this issue.
  • Does it have the tag still attached? The tag increases the value significantly.
  • Does it come with extra buttons? Many jackets (but not all) originally came with extra buttons, etc. Especially in cases where the buttons are distinctive (Gokaiger, Fourze) this is worth checking.

Where to Buy Jackets Directly

If you live outside of Japan, these are places where you can place an order with the store and have it shipped directly to you.

  • Mandarake ( | You have to search in Japanese; use Google Translate to find the keywords.
  • eBay ( | Occasionally has official jackets.
  • Japan Hero Collectibles ( | Offers current Bandai Fashion pre-orders and occasional selection of older jackets/accessories. They can also often special order from the Japan-only website below.

Japanese Websites

For many jackets, you will need to order through a middleman service from a Japan-only website such as:

  • Yahoo Japan Auctions ( | New and used jackets and accessories are often available at auction on Yahoo Japan
  • Premium Bandai Fashion ( | Current seasons and some older items are available through Bandai Fashion. Many older items are MTO (Made-To-Order) and take around two months to manufacture.

Middleman Services

A middleman service will serve as an intermediary between you and the Japanese store. They have a physical presence in Japan which allows them to order from these stores. You let them know what you want, they make the purchase, and then ship it to you internationally. You will most likely have to pay all associated costs with making the purchase such as domestic and international shipping as well as a middleman fee for using their service. International shipping fees vary depending on what method you choose to use. Different middleman services will charge different fees. We make no recommendation for any specific middleman service and there are many of them out there. Please do your research and choose one that is appropriate for you.