Review/Comparison: Premium Bandai Kyoryuger Holster vs. TV-Kun Bonus Holster

Kyoryuger holders are popular items for any fans of the show, and (confusingly) there are two Bandai-made editions available. This review will compare both holsters side-by-side.

The Premium Bandai (PB) holster shown on the left above (~7800 JPY, released in 2013) was only available through PB in a limited run. The most important feature of the Premium holster is that it is designed to fit adults: the straps are long and adjustable to fit any size. It is also slightly higher quality than the TV-kun release.

The TV-kun holster shown on the right was a special mail-away available only to subscribers of TV-kun magazine. It was designed for children, and therefore has much shorter straps that won’t fit even a small adult. However, because TV-kun holsters tend to be cheaper and more widely available, it’s not uncommon for people to modify or replace the TV-kun straps to fit.

TV-kun on top, Premium on bottom.

The picture above shows the TV-kun holster on top of the Premium holster. The main body of the holster is the same size, but as you can see, the Premium holster straps are much longer with a lot of slack for adjustment.

PicMonkey Collage (25)
Premium left, TV-kun right.

Other than the straps, one of the most obvious differences between the holsters are the patches. Both patches are made of silver thread. This is one easy way to distinguish most bootleg or fan-made holsters from official ones: fan-made holsters tend to use white instead of silver thread. The Premium patch is more detailed and finely made, and has a silver border instead of the black felt used on the TV-kun. The border is an easy way to tell the difference between the releases at a glance.

PicMonkey Collage (23)
Premium left, TV-kun right.

Turning to the back of the holsters, the backs or both are padded and have a breathable mesh. They are otherwise identical except for the tags.

PicMonkey Collage (22)
Premium left, TV-kun right.

The Premium release has a standard Kyoryuger Bandai Premium Fashion tag with a 2013 copyright. The TV-kun holster only has a small white tag that says “not for sale”.


If you look at the holsters from the show, they are clearly the Premium releases with silver border. The Premium release is 100% accurate: the TV-kun is not, even with modified straps. However, they are functionally the same: each is made to hold a standard Gaburevolver and does the job nicely.

That said, the Premium holster can fetch high prices on the aftermarket, while the TV-kun is significantly more affordable (usually 1/3 or even 1/4 the price). In sum, the TV-Kun is a better value but requires modification (which will damage the resale value); the Premium is expensive but accurate and adult-sized. The most noticeable differences are the border color and the strap length. We highly recommend the Premium holster to any fan of Kyoryuger, and reserve our recommendation for the TV-Kun holster to buyers who don’t mind a crafts project and are not considering resale value.

Premium Holster Rating

 Value 4starsilver Functionally identical to TV-kun at twice the retail price.
 Detail 5starsilver  Show accurate patch (silver border).
 Quality 5starsilver  Show accurate
 Sizing One Size Fits All  Straps will fit nearly any size

 Highly Recommend

TV-Kun Holster Rating

 Value 4starsilver Often can be found for 1/2 or 1/3 the price of the Premium
 Detail 4starsilver  Lower quality patch
 Quality 4starsilver  A small step down from the Premium in quality and accuracy.
 Sizing Child size only Requires modification which hurts resale

 Recommend with Reservations




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