Review: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Kyoryu Gold/Utsusemimaru Japanese Pattern T-Shirt

This review is for Bandai Premium Fashion’s Kyoryu Gold/Utsusemimaru official t-shirt from Kyoryuger. It originally retailed for 5,400 yen and was released in 2012.


This t-shirt has a unique style which particularly suits the character, who was from the Sengoku period. It’s an orange/gold cotton blend t-shirt with traditional Japanese design details.


The floral fabric is vibrant and detailed.The t-shirt itself is high quality cotton, while the kimono-style fabric is a cotton/poly blend. I really like how the “v” of the neckline dips into the floral fabric. It’s a small detail, but it makes the t-shirt look more like a kimono and really ties the design together.


My only concern is washing the shirt. The colors are so vibrant that I am concerned they might bleed if put through a normal wash. I would prefer to dry clean it, to be on the safe side. Also, the sizing seems to run a bit smaller than usual on Bandai shirts, especially compared to recent (2016) releases.


In summary, this shirt has a lot of cool details and really suits the character. While it’s expensive even by the standards of Bandai t-shirts, I feel the design makes up for it. I strongly recommend it, if it can be found for at/near retail.

 Length  Width  Shoulder
 S  63  45  42
 M  66  48  45
 L  69 51  47



 Value  5starsilver
 Detail 5starsilver
 Quality 5starsilver
 Sizing  Runs Small

 Strongly Recommend

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