Review: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Ian Yorkland/Kyoryublack Official Jacket

This review is for Bandai Premium Fashion’s Kyoryu Black/Ian Yorkland official jacket from Kyoryuger. It originally retailed for 20,000 yen and was released in 2012.

I was at first hesitant to buy this jacket because it looks like a standard motorcycle jacket that could be bought at any clothing store. However, pictures and even screengrabs do not do this jacket justice. It is currently one of my favorite jackets that I own.


Ian’s jacket is a modified pleather motorcycle jacket. The jacket cut is asymmetrical and the collar is more dramatic than most motorcycle jackets you can buy. It is made from two separate pleaters, a standard smooth grain and a snakeskin/reptile patterned pleather.


Another distinctive part of this jacket is the arm patch. It’s an embroidered patch over matte pleather on the right arm with the team name and an outlined Parasagun. The patch forms to the top of a small (but functional pocket).


An ongoing pet peeve of mine with Bandai jackets is fake pockets. Pockets are a cosplayer’s best friend, and this jacket has plenty. In total it has four functional pockets, including a hidden pocket on the inside.


Like other Sentai jackets, the internal tag is Kyoryuger “branded”. This is a minor but nice touch.


Bandai put more details/workmanship into this jacket than many other Premium jackets, and it has no obvious flaws other than being uncomfortable and hot to wear. However, because it is pleather, it needs additional care and with normal wear will only last 3-5 years. Is it still worth buying? Absolutely. The details and workmanship set this jacket apart. I highly recommend it.


 Value 4starsilver Short pleather lifespan (3-5 years)
 Detail 5starsilver
 Quality 5starsilver
 Sizing  True to Size  Compared to other Bandai jackets

 Highly Recommend


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