Review: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Ian Yorkland/Kyoryu Black Official Wallet Chain

This review is for Bandai Premium Fashion’s Ian Yorkland/Kyoryu Black Official Wallet Chain from Kyoryuger. It originally retailed for 7,200 yen and was released in 2013.  Like other Bandai jewelry accessories, it comes in a fancy box.


The wallet chain itself is elaborate, with three different-colored double-linked strands. It is made from iron with various platings for color.

20151027-DSC05869At the top of the wallet chain is a dinosaur skull that matches the skulls on his official bracelet. The skull itself is very detailed and finely sculpted.20151027-DSC05866

This is a heavy accessory, and the hardware is not up to the task. More than once while wearing this, the large rings that connect the chain to the skull and clips has worked themselves open and needed to be fixed on-the-fly. These rings could be easily be replaced, but should be much better quality considering the price.


This is one of Ian’s most distinctive accessories. It is certainly expensive and elaborate. I appreciate the detailed design of this accessory, and this piece is large enough to be noticeable in cosplay photos. However, because of the issues with the hardware, I can only recommend with reservations.


 Value 3starsilver
 Detail 5starsilver
 Quality 3starsilver Connecting rings are low quality
 Sizing  Not Applicable

 Recommend with Reservations

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