Review: Sterling Silver Dekaranger S.P.D. Cuff

This review is for a sterling silver silver Dekaranger cuff. It was produced in 2004-2005 by Toei Hero Net (who used to offer fashion items before Bandai Fashion existed). The original price is unknown.

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The cuff came in a white jewelry box. It’s nearly impossible to see in the photo, but “Toei Hero Accessories” is embossed across the front of the box. The back of the box has a sticker with more information about the product.


Inside the box, there is a soft suede bag also branded “Toei Hero Accessories”.


The bracelet itself is subtle and, I think, elegant: the S.P.D. is smooth/made in negative against the textured stripe. It’s definitely a simple design which may not be to everyone’s taste. The inside of the bracelet has “Bandai Silver 925” engraved, showing that the bracelet is sterling silver. It is solid silver, and has a good weight against your wrist.

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Like all silver products, with age my bracelet has begun to tarnish, but I’m hesitant to clean or polish it due to the textured areas. I may take it to be professionally cleaned soon.

I like this bracelet quite a bit. The subtle design makes it wearable anywhere, and since it is solid silver it has a good heft and quality. In terms of fit, the bracelet is obviously adjustable, but it is a bit smaller than I would expect for a unisex item. It would still fit all but the largest wrists. If you like the style, and have the opportunity to buy it, I highly recommend this item.


 Value Unknown  Original price is unknown.
 Detail 4starsilver  Subtle or simple? It’s a matter of perspective.
 Quality 5starsilver  Solid sterling silver.
 Sizing  N/A  Slightly smaller than expected.

 Strongly Recommend


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