Review: Mahou Sentai Magiranger Kai Ozu/Magired Official Jacket

This review is for the official Magi Red jacket. It was released by Premium Bandai Fashion Net in 2005.

From the front this jacket is quite elegant. The color is not quite as bright as some of the other jackets. It’s a little more subdued but still bold red. The design is simple but I think the details provide a lot of impact and visual interest. The patch on the left stands out against the solid color background, the black stripe down the middle breaks up the the block of red, and the plaid pattern along the bottom and the sleeves adds complexity.

DSC_1361 - Copy

The patch is highly detailed. It’s instantly recognizable from Magiranger as the symbol for MagiRed representing a phoenix and being the shape of the visor on his helmet. Even from afar it’s fairly easy to discern the shape. I’m always looking for things that stand out when it comes to toku related clothing. I can always go to the mall and buy a jacket or coat which blends in and matches with everything else. So I appreciate it when the designers include something unique to the season.

DSC_1366 - Copy

The black stripe down the middle of the jacket hides the zipper of the jacket. It’s fastened together with the velcro. I like that the attention to detail with the red velcro on the red part of the jacket and black on the black parts. It would’ve been really impressive if they found a plaid pattern velcro, but even the red wasn’t really necessary since it’s nearly always hidden so I wouldn’t even think twice if it was all just black.

DSC_1362 - Copy

Finally there are two pockets on the outside of the jacket. If you’ve red any of my previous reviews you’ll know what I think about pockets already.

DSC_1365 - Copy

The inside of the jacket also has two pocket. You can carry quite a bit with 4 total jackets but I do want to mention that they aren’t cargo sized pockets. Otherwise the inside of the jacket is plain and simple.

DSC_1363 - Copy

The back doesn’t have any remarkable details aside from the hood. Here it is unzipped. I believe this is to allude to a cape since one of the most iconic details about the Magiranger suits are the capes they have. This detail looks nice but doesn’t go so far to be ridiculous or impractical. Another detail to note is that the bottom of the sleeves are black.

DSC_1364 - Copy

Here is the hood zipped up. It’s functional but I wouldn’t want to expose the jacket, or any of my jackets, to the elements. If any damage does happen finding a replacement would be rather difficult. Generally I don’t wouldn’t wear this out in the rain, but you can’t control the weather so it’s good to have the option if needed.

Overall this is one of my favorite jackets. It’s functional but still iconic which makes it versatile and suitable for casual or cosplay wear. It is slim fitting and not as long as other jackets. Compared to hoodies that you often see it doesn’t go down as far past your waist.



 Value 3starsilver
 Detail 4starsilver  There aren’t many, but they are done well.
 Quality 4starsilver  This has held up well for a decade old jacket. But it’s not too warm.
 Sizing  Slim



I give this jacket a high 4, almost five. It’s fun and I wouldn’t mind finding the entire set someday.




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