Review: Kamen Rider OOO Ankh Rings

This review is for Bandai Premium Fashion’s Kamen Rider OOO Ankh rings (2010). The rings are sold separately for 13,371 yen each. When new, they come in individual jewelry boxes: the ones shown here were acquired second-hand and the boxes were missing.

Both rings are sterling silver plated with 24k gold. The claw ring features a black cubic zirconia stone. Many Bandai sterling silver rings are solid: these are hollow and as a result quite light. Because of this, they feel cheaper than other comparably priced Bandai rings.


Both rings have a extremely detailed design that goes all the way around the backs of the bands. As a result, these are not easily resized, so be certain to order the correct ring size.

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I love the detail and design on these rings. If I could give them six stars for detail, I would. I also appreciate that they are sterling silver: but they don’t feel as nice as they look due to being hollow. That said, these two rings would take any Ankh cosplay to the next level. I recommend these rings based on looks, despite minor reservations.


 Value 3starsilver  Rings are hollow, not solid
 Detail 5starsilver  Amazing detail
 Quality 4starsilver Sterling silver/24k gold plated
 Sizing  Not Applicable


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