Review: Kamen Rider Fourze/Gentaro Kisaragi Jacket

This review is for Gentaro Kisaragi’s jacket from Kamen Rider Fourze. It was originally released in 2012 and retailed for 13,371 yen (approx $115 USD)


The jacket is constructed of primarily polyester and 40% rayon.  Style-wise, it feels very punk and rebellious, especially with the snake skin texture on the inside lining of the jacket.


The jacket does not have as many pockets as the Blue Buster I reviewed,  but it still has one on the left breast, and 2.5 on the inside. I say 2.5, because one of them is a teeny tiny one, and the other two are normal sized.

Construction-wise, this jacket is tightly stitched, and feels comfortable and sturdy. There’s no spots where my fingers or skin feel caught on anything, and it’s very smooth. It doesn’t restrict my range of motion too much, and i can still shout “Uchuu Kitaa” without any issues. 🙂


As for features, it’s very simple. But that’s not a bad thing. The buttons on the front are very well molded and look like those out of the show. Because they are plastic and not metal, they are lighter, thus making the jacket easier to wear. And they are not cheaply made and not painted over, so the color won’t fade.


Only real issue I have is, like my Buster Jacket, it’s a bit tight in the shoulders, but that is purely due to my build. And that, for 13,371 yen, it’s lack of features is a bit concerning.

This particular jacket looks and feels amazing. Bandai really puts love and care into many of their products and this is no exception. If you are not a Fourze fan, this is still a nice jacket to get, but the price may be a bit steep for the lack of features. If you ARE a Fourze fan, then the decision is a no brainer. Clothing KITAAAAAAAAA!


Value 4starsilver Comfortable and easy to wear, but 4 stars due to lack of features. Jacket does not include the back button chain which was sold separately
Detail 5starsilver Accurate to the show
Quality 5starsilver Comfortable materials and well constructed
Sizing True to Size Compared to other Bandai jackets

Strongly Recommend




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