Review: Kamen Rider Fourze Amanogawa High Men’s Jacket

This is a review for Premium Bandai Fashion’s official Amanogawa High men’s jacket from Kamen Rider Fourze. This jacket was originally released in 2011 and sold for 14,400 yen [original listing].


The blazer-style jacket is made primarily of polyester. It’s a bright blue, and the lining is a dark navy with a white star pattern on it.


One sleeve has two bright red stripes around the cuff, and the breast pocket is outlined in the same bright red. The patch on the breast pocket is embroidered with the school logo and name.



The jacket has four pockets – the breast pocket, the two front pockets, and one hidden inside pocket on the left. I’ve found the inside one is the most useful, as it doesn’t distort the jacket very much.



Both the large and small silver buttons on the jacket have the same pattern as the patch and are quite distinctive. I believe that bought new this jacket does come with extra large buttons, but I’m not sure – I’ve never gotten the extras.


My biggest complaint about this jacket is that it definitely runs small. It would be prudent to triple-check the measurements against your own before deciding on a size. If I were to estimate, the men’s M is roughly equivalent to a US men’s XS/women’s M and the men’s L is roughly equivalent to a US men’s S/women’s L – a size below Bandai norms. The size discrepancy is most noticeable in the sleeves, which tend to be tight around, and across the back.


Assuming you have the right size, this jacket is comfortable and looks great. The detail work is fantastic, and as the jacket doesn’t have any particular specialty fabrics or other parts, it’s pretty easy to take care of. Under normal cosplay wear, I’ve never had a problem with any of the construction. If you’re a Fourze fan, this is probably something you don’t want to pass up.


 Value 5starsilver
 Detail 5starsilver
 Quality 5starsilver
 Sizing  Runs small  Compared to other Bandai jackets

Highly Recommend


 Length  Chest  Shouder
 M 71.5  100  42
 L  75  110  46

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