Review: Joe Gibken/Gokai Blue Necklace

This is a review for Premium Bandai Fashion’s Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger official Joe necklace. This necklace was originally released in 2011 and sold for 6,171 yen.



The necklace is made primarily of brass, with the center of the pendant coated in a glittery blue lacquer. The chain is a simple rolo chain.


The pendant is, obviously, the most distinct part of the necklace. Its complicated shape, blue lacquer, and stylized “J” all make this piece what it is. Personally, I’m not entirely fond of the fact that the lacquer is literally glittery – I would have preferred a simple shiny blue.


My only complaint with this necklace is the lack of a clasp. The chain is certainly long enough for most people at 66cm/26in, but it always must be taken on and off overhead, which can cause a variety of issues. It also means that the length is entirely non-variable, so the necklace could sit far too high on some people and far too low on others.

In general, I believe this necklace is a good value. The pendant is entirely unique, and there aren’t any major quality issues. While the chain is very sturdy, I would caution that the pendant is only attached by two large jump rings, which could cause connection problems, though I personally have had no such issues.



 Value 4starsilver  Expensive considering the materials
 Detail 5starsilver
 Quality 5starsilver
 Sizing  True to Size  To its measurements

Highly Recommend


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