Review: Joe Gibken/Gokai Blue Leather Bracelet

This is a review for Premium Bandai Fashion’s Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger official Joe blue leather bracelet. This bracelet was originally released in 2011 and sold for 5,348 yen.


This bracelet is made from blue leather strips interwoven with brass links. The brass pieces are not linked together in any way other than the woven leather, which is secured to the outer pieces with riveted studs. The bracelet is secured by way of snaps on the outside; there are two sets to ensure a better fit.


Other than the blue leather – distinctly a darker, deeper blue than Joe’s jacket – the most distinctive feature of this bracelet is the Gokaiger symbol stamped into one side.


Unfortunately, this bracelet has a variety of issues. The first is simply its size. The full bracelet is only 22cm long, or just under 8.7 inches, and since it uses snaps it’s difficult to extend without looking odd. I have small wrists and it really only barely fits on me! The stretch of the leather also leads to the leather itself developing cracks and wrinkles.


Secondly, the bracelet’s construction makes it entirely susceptible to wear. This bracelet has only been worn for cosplay purposes, but as you can see above the loose brass links are prone to rubbing the coating off the leather. The brass itself also tarnishes easily. Neither the leather nor the brass are really accessible enough for any sort of care or polishing. Though I have not had any issues with this yet, I suspect that eventually the stress on the outer connecting studs will also lead to problems.


I’ve also had issues with the brass and leather combination leaving my wrist funny colors after wearing this bracelet for long periods of time. The wear on the inside of the bracelet is just as apparent as on the outside.


I cannot truly recommend this bracelet. Despite looking fantastic initially, it’s a small fit, and the construction/wear issues are a big problem. For the money paid, it would probably be better to build your own, and simply forgo the Gokaiger symbol, as it’s not that noticeable anyways.


 Value 2starsilver  Short lifespan
 Detail 5starsilver
 Quality 2starsilver Bad construction
 Sizing  True to Size  To its measurements

 Do Not Recommend

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