Review: Captain Marvelous/Gokai Red Official Jacket

This review is for Bandai Premium Fashion’s official Captain Marvelous Jacket. It originally retailed for 45,000 yen and was released in 2011 [source: Premium Bandai listing].

I  only have good things to say about this jacket and my pictures don’t do it justice.


This jacket is styled after the traditional pirate frock. The outer layer is velvet in a rich red color with a black lining. Material is 70% cotton, 28% rayon, and 2% polyurethane. More about the material: along with the Bandai tag, there’s also a tag for the Agehara brand. They present themselves with the following:

“AGEHARA’s velvet has been recognized as the highest quality fabrics in the world. It’s not only for formal clothes, but also casual wear, accessories and others. All over the world people love AGEHARA’s velvet.”

I think this jacket fits that description. Moving on, the gold trim and buttons compliments the red and black quite nicely.


Speaking of buttons, there are a total of 14 buttons with the Gokaiger insignia on this jacket. 10 along either side, 1 on each of the epaulettes,  and 1 on each cuff.


The buttons along the lapels are reinforced so it’s unlikely that they’ll fall off anytime soon.


The jacket also features a vent for ease of movement and makes sitting down possible while wearing the jacket.


Finally there are two functional pockets which is especially convenient when cosplaying. They are large enough to store all but the largest of cell phones. I’ve also carried a 3DS XL in them with no problems.


An issue with this jacket will be the sizing. It only comes in one size for men and one size for women, so depending on your individual height and body shape, it may fall and fit uncomfortably. Extremely broad shoulders might also pose a problem. For me the jacket comes down to about my knees.

 Men’s One Size  Women’s One Size
 Shoulder  18.9 inches  16.1 inches
 Length  40.2 inches  37.8 inches
 Waist  37.8 inches  33.9 inches
 Sleeve  25.6 inches  23.6 inches
 Chest  44.1 inches  40.2 inches

Overall the construction is impeccable. The stitching is clean and lines are sharp. I would venture to say that this is one of the best pieces that Bandai has ever sold. It’s hard not to feel a boost of confidence after putting it on. This jacket is a special piece of clothing. Wear it for special occasions and it’ll garner many compliments. I suggest that everyone at least try it on if they get the opportunity to do so.


 Value 5starsilver  An expensive piece, but it shows in the material and construction.
 Detail 5starsilver  The Gokaiger insignia can be found all over this jacket.  The accent trim is on point.
 Quality 5starsilver  Beautiful red velvet.
 Sizing  Loose  Will fit many people as it’s “one size fits all”  with the standard Japanese sizing caveat.

 Strongly Recommend

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