Review: Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger Kandou Jan / Geki Red Official Jacket

This review is for the official Geki Red Jacket from Premium Bandai Fashion Net. It was released in 2007.


At first glance this jacket is visually unimpressive. There are a few accents near the shoulders and the buttons down the center are visually nondescript. The distinguishing feature from the season is the embroidered SCRTC logo.

DSC_1174 - Copy

The back of the jacket is quite similar to the front.  Here it’s apparent that there’s a mesh material down the sides of the jacket in a slightly different shade of red.

DSC_1176 - Copy

Here’s a close up of the sharp embroidered SCRTC logo. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the same impact from afar.

DSC_1177 - Copy

The jacket has both buttons and a zipper as fasteners. This means that the buttons are really superfluous.  I imagine that during the design stage they only wanted buttons but found them to be insufficient which results in the zipper, or they made it with only the zipper and added the buttons for some visual flair. Either way this jacket will stay closed zipped and buttoned up.

DSC_1175 - CopyDSC_1179 - Copy

The bottom of the back features double vents. Their presence was unexpected but a positive detail nonetheless. The addition of the vents helps with mobility, something of great concern if you’re a character in a season based upon martial arts.  As for the rest of us, increased mobility never hurts.

DSC_1178 - Copy

This jacket is composed of 4 different textiles in 4 different shades of red. This helps make it more interesting upon closer inspection but i really doesn’t do all that much from afar. I didn’t notice all of the different fabrics when I was watching the show.

DSC_1180 - Copy

Possibly the most exciting feature of this jacket, there is a pocket located on the inside left. I know I gush over pockets a lot but it’s small details that make costumes function outside of the television set.

About the sizing: I have this jacket in XL and it’s ever so slightly loose. I suspect that I could wear an L but there’s really no reason to take the risk. At the very least there are options for different sizes which is more than I can say about some of the other jackets that were released.

Overall this jacket is comfortable to wear and provides a good range of motion. I don’t feel restricted in any way while wearing this jacket. The color is vibrant red with a few sections being slightly less bright. Compared to jackets from other seasons, it’s not quite as bright as Daigo’s vest from Kyoryuger, but it is brighter than Kai’s jacket from Magiranger as well as Marvelous’s coat from Gokaiger. I picked up this jacket second hand and it looks like it has held up well over the years.


 Value 3starsilver  I expect it costs about the same as many other jackets.
 Detail 3starsilver  The  different fabrics help but it doesn’t look special.
 Quality 4starsilver
 Sizing  Average

 Recommended with Reservations

This jacket just isn’t very exciting. I am a big fan of the season so I have no regrets about buying it. But others might be better served spending their money on a different season which appeals to them more.



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