Review: Joe Gibken/Gokai Blue Official Jacket

This is a review for Premium Bandai Fashion’s Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger official Joe jacket. This jacket was originally released in 2011 and sold for 39,000 yen.


The jacket is a motorcycle jacket made out of light blue pleather and lined in polyester. The color is really quite unique; I’ve never seen any other leather-like material in the same color.


All of the zippers spread across the jacket do work, although most simply open to reveal more blue pleather. To note, the zippers are definitively gold in color, contrary to popular belief.


There is one small but working pocket on the front left side, big enough to carry a small wallet or phone in. However, this inevitably creates an unsightly bulge, and personally I haven’t kept anything there for fear of leaving permanent stretch marks in the pleather.

This jacket does only come in a Women’s One Size and a Men’s One Size. Please note that it therefore does not come in any size that could be construed as a large.

This jacket feels fantastic to wear. It’s surprisingly breathable despite seeming otherwise – my wig tends to be far more of a problem! The construction and quality is top-notch. Like all pleather jackets, it does need additional care. If you can find it, I’d highly recommend this jacket for Gokaiger fans.


 Value 4starsilver Short pleather lifespan (3-5 years)
 Detail 5starsilver
 Quality 5starsilver
 Sizing  True to Size  Compared to other Bandai jackets

Highly Recommend

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