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TokuSou Sentai Dekaranger was the 28th Super Sentai series, from 2004. It’s theme was intergalactic Police and Detectives. As the newcomer, DekaRed, or his real name Banban, he was initially not very welcome among the other team members. Despite being a hot head, he quickly proved to be a worthy leader.

This jacket is an accurate representation of the jacket worn by Banban in the show. With is bright red, and dark blue colours, it’s a worthy of any police force on this side of the galaxy. The original price was unknown. Both the pants and jacket were available during the initial release: this review is only for the jacket.

2015-11-23 15.12.52

The jacket is made from a synthetic fabric, most likely nylon/polyester. The dark parts of the jacket are not black, but instead very dark navy. The red part of the jacket is in fact a half 5-pointed star, wrapped around the front and side.

2015-11-23 15.14.29
It features a die-cast SPD metal pin on the right side of the chest.

2015-11-23 15.14.17

There is also an embroidered “Police badge” patch on the left.

2015-11-23 15.14.36
The sleeves feature gloves (?!) and zippers by the wrists. The gloves are folded up, and attaches with velcro over the bicep.

2015-11-23 15.13.49

Once unfolded, a small embroidered “SPD” patch is visible.

2015-11-23 15.14.01

These gloves are adjustable, and will fit many hand sizes.

2015-11-23 15.13.33

The collar has white piping all the way around, and piping is also featured on the back, in form of an inverted “V” going from the waist, up to the armpits, and down the back of the sleeves. The back also has large “SPD” letters printed right below the shoulders  (should anyone be in doubt who you represent).

2015-11-23 15.15.04

The jacket features a flat at the front covering the main jacket zipper, with push buttons. It has 5 pockets; 3 externally, 2 internally. Zippers are of the brand YKK, and are coated with an alloy that makes them sharp and not very easier to zip or unzip. The jacket is lined with typical velvet jacket lining.2015-11-23 15.15.49

Inside it has a neck-tag with “SPD” written on it. The largest size jacket is a Japanese LL (this is the Large, aka a EU/US medium).

Final thoughts: I like it. I like it a lot. It’s a unique design, that would make anyone look twice at you in the street (for whichever reasons YOU chose!) and is pretty packed with features for something so simplistic looking. I very much like the glove feature, and the removable Metal pin. I’m also personally a big fan of the mandarin-looking collar. Like with previously reviewed jackets (BoukenBlue), I dislike the zipper model they used. Overall, I’m very happy with it though, and have no complaints other than zippers (and by this, I mean it as a personal preference – the zippers work just fine).


 Value 5starsilver Great value for the price I paid. If you’re a fan of the show, it’s a must have.
 Detail 5starsilver  Gorgeous details. Very interesting design.
 Quality 4starsilver Would have been a perfect score, if it had better zippers.
 Sizing  Runs True to Size  Compared to other Bandai jackets



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