Collaboration Brands

Bandai Fashion regularly does collaboration series items which are produced in partnership with other brands and well-known designers. Collaboration items often have special qualities (and higher prices). Our contributors discuss them in depth in our Collaboration Trend Talk. On this page you will find a list of collaboration brands and artists!


Red Monkey is an American brand that specializes in handmade leather watches and accessories in rock-and-roll styling.

haraKIRI (デザイナー) is a jewelry and accessories brand designed by Takashi Kichisaka (吉坂 隆). They specialize in gothic-style silver and leather made-in-Japan craftsmanship.

Norusorumania is a clothing and t-shirt brand specializing in original Japanese movie and rock music t-shirts.

Harold’s Gear is a boutique maker of vintage style motorcycle gear. They specialize in high-end craftsmanship, with each item made in Japan at every stage, from the tanning of the leather to the final stitching.


C&Y Sun & C&LE Moon (full name: Candy Sun & Candles Moon) is a Bandai in-house design Mitsuru Karahashi, best known for his role as Juzo Fuwa in Shinkenger.

Sugawara Yoshihito, a regular illustrator for tokusatsu series and other works.