Premium Bandai Opens Pre-orders for Kamen Rider Ghost Villain Costumes

Premium Bandai has opened April pre-orders for the costume items associated with three major antagonists in Kamen Rider Ghost: Alain, Adel and Jabel.



Alain’s jacket is 29,160 yen and made from a 65/35% polyester/cotton blend. It it scheduled for April release. It comes in sizes S-L (sizing chart at the end of this post).


The matching black velvet capelet is an additional 5,076 yen.


Alain’s earring had been announced previously for February release. It is 3,240 yen for one, and made from brass and sterling silver (post).



Adel’s jacket is also 29,160 yen and made from a 65/35% polyester/cotton blend. It it scheduled for April release.


Adel’s cloak is 37,800 yen and made of velvet. It is one size fits all with a width of 148 cm.


Adel’s lapel pin is 5,400 yen and made from gold plated brass.



Jabel’s jacket, like the others, is 29,160 yen and made from the same materials.

Shared Items


The Ganma collar pins come in a set of two and for 2,160 yen. They are gold-plated brass.


The Ganma belt worn by all three characters is 16,200 yen and made from genuine leather with a brass buckle. It comes in sizes S-L (size chart is available at the end of this post).

1000102529_1The Ganma ring worn by Alan and Adel is 18,360 yen and made from sterling silver in ring sizes 12-14. It is made to order with a delivery date of 1.5-2 months from ordering.

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These items can only be ordered through a middleman service.

For more sizing information, visit our sizing page!

Shoulder Length  Chest Circumference Sleeve Waist
S 39 109 100 58 70
 M 47 113 113 60 80
 L 48 126 120 63 90
Belt Length Fit
S 90 Fits 70-80 cm
 M 100 Fits 80-90 cm
 L 110 Fits 90-100 cm

BANDAI RING SIZES (with mm equivalents)ring_size2-1


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