Luka Millfy/Gokai Yellow Official Necklace

This review is for Bandai Premium Fashion’s Gokai Yellow/Luka Millfy official necklace from Gokaiger. It originally retailed for 5,348 yen and was released in 2011.  Like other Bandai jewelry accessories, it comes in a fancy box with the season logo. When you open the box, the necklace is on a black velvet cushion with tissue to protect it. This is a small touch, but the fancy packaging makes the jewelry seem special: more like a fine jewelry purchase than a costume piece.


This necklace itself is two small coins with special Gokaiger imprinting, as well as a tiny key that says Gokai Yellow down the shaft. The coin imprinting is surprisingly detailed: this is the same imprinting as is on Luka’s coin ring (also released by Bandai Premium). These details are obviously too small to be seen in most cosplay photographs, but if you are after 100% or even 99% accuracy the details on this would be hard to replicate.


The key itself is brass: the other parts are 14-18k gold plated. That is the primary quality issue with this necklace: if you look closely, you can see a difference in the metal tones between the parts. Because of how the necklace is designed, the parts also rub against each other, resulting in inevitable wear on the gold plating.


Is this necklace a must have for a Luka cosplay? No, but it’s certainly a nice accessory that could easily double as an casual wear item. However, for the price, it could be better designed with overall higher quality materials. I recommend this necklace only to hardcore Luka or Gokaiger fans.


 Value 3starsilver
 Detail 5starsilver
 Quality 3starsilver
 Sizing  N/A

 Recommend with Reservations

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