Kamen Rider Ghost Onari/Daitenku Temple Monk’s Outfits & T-shirts Open for Pre-order!

Premium Bandai has opened April/May pre-orders for Onari/Daitenku Temple monk’s outfits and t-shirts.

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The monk’s outfits retail for 12,960 yen. They come in bright yellow and brown in only two sizes: women’s one size and men’s one size. They are available for May pre-order. The sizing chart is at the bottom of this post.

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The t-shirts are 3,240 yen and come in brown, bright yellow and green. They are available for April pre-order.

All of these items can be ordered through a middleman service.

 Top Length  Top Width Top Sleeve
Women 76 88 67
 Men 82  104 74
Pants Length Pants Waist
 Women 100 104
 Men 105 120


 Length  Width  Sleeve
 S  65 48  20
 M 68  50 20
 L  71  53  21
 XL  77  58  22

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