Review: Kamen Rider Drive Medic’s Earrings

This a review for Premium Bandai Fashion’s official Medic Rose Earrings from Kamen Rider Drive.

This item originally listed here was released in 2014 and sold for 3,996 yen.

The earrings are of a black rose motif and are made out of resin and silver.


They are surprisingly very light and very detailed. The detail with both the rose and crystals are stunning up close. From afar it looks gorgeous, but touching it has a plastic-like feel.


I also wouldn’t recommend heavily wearing due to oils messing with the finish over time. While I love the earrings very much I just wish they were of a higher quality material to match with the price point.


 Value 3starsilver The price might not be worth it for the quality you get.
 Sizing N/A

Recommend with (Serious) Reservations

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