Kamen Rider 45th Anniversary Pattern Ties & Bags Open for Pre-order!

Previously, Bandai Premium announced a commemorative 45th Anniversary pattern hoodie (currently available for May re-release/pre-order). The hoodie featured the symbols of each Rider series. The popularity of the pattern has resulted in new items, including bags and ties.

1000103737_1 (1)

45th Anniversary pattern ties (5,400 yen) are available for June pre-order in 4 colors (light grey, red, blue & dark grey/striped). These ties are exclusives at the Parco Museum Kamen Rider 45th Exhibition shop: the excess, if available, will be sold at Premium Bandai after the event.


45th Anniversary pattern tote bags (10,800 yen) are also June pre-orders.1000104026_1

45th Anniversary pattern shoulder bags (4,320 yen) come in two colors (grey & black) for June pre-order.


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