HGDG 45th Anniversary Kamen Rider Watches Announced!

Premium Bandai has announced July pre-orders for a new collaboration wristwatch, designed by Harold’s Gear to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Kamen Rider. There are two models: Cyclone and Shocker retailing for 37,800 yen each.

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Both watches are made from stainless steel in China, although the gear mechanisms are made in Japan. The watches measure H5.0x W4.5x D1.2cm and are waterproof to 100 meters.

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They are accurate within +/- 20 seconds per month and come with a one year warranty.

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The Cyclone model is designed with a color scheme to match Kamen Rider 1’s Cyclone. The dial is made to look like a motorcycle tachometer, and the bezel is black to represent the tires. There is also a Tachibana Racing Club logo on the watch face.

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The Shocker model is inspired by the bone/skeleton design of the Shocker combatants. The shocker eagle and globe are incorporated into the watch face.

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Both models have the production number and Harold’s Gear logo engraved on the backs.


These watches can be ordered through a middleman service.


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