First Impressions: Zyuohger Fashion

With Ninninger coming to a close and Zyuohger premiering this week we now have plenty of pictures of this year’s clothes (full item details and list here). Here are some first impressions from our contributors!



So, sets, huh? Weird. White especially – her WHOLE OUTFIT as one set?? I guess they’re tired of not selling much pink stuff and just decided to screw everyone over.

Uh, let’s see… The totals as a whole are pretty high, but there are already items that I probably wouldn’t recommend as a whole for anyone unless they end up being particularly plot-dependent. Yellow’s belt/jewelry, Red’s shirt/necklace (HE WEARS A BANDANA, WHY DOES HE HAVE A NECKLACE), Blue’s shirt and possibly jewelry, White’s earring, everything Green except the jacket. For reference, that’d bring the totals down to 29960, 26460, 33480, 29160, and 48600, which are certainly more manageable. Blue and Green are still a little more expensive than the rest of the team. The items left in this scenario have a much larger visual impact and would be much harder to find or make.

Speaking of hard to make… PATTERNS, SO MANY PATTERNS. It’s like Eiji had a whole troupe of alien children. It’s a good move for PB to make “unique” clothing that’s nigh-impossible to replicate…. perfectly. However, the style of patterns could be fairly easy to find, so it depends entirely on how much people like these characters and would want their EXACT thing.

I’m also a little surprised at how few things Red has, especially compared to Yellow and Green. I already see one piece missing that I’m surprised they don’t have (the scarfbelt? tassely undershirt? whatever that is.) Is that an effort to make him more accessible? Is it because they’re all aliens except him and the character/costume designer didn’t care about PB?


Yellow Hammer pants and pink bloomers! I thought we were done with Hammer pants. It was a poor style choice in the 90s and it’s a poor style choice today. And White has bloomers. And not cute bloomers you wear under your EGL dresses, but big puffy bloomers that make her look like a large bottomed girl wearing diapers. Even if I end up totally in love with her, there’s no way I would wear that.

White’s sweater is fuzzy, that’s how you know she’s a cat. That’s how it works, right? Sometimes I’m not sure what Bandai is thinking.


I’m not thrilled with white’s costume, but at least she’s not wearing another pink capelet thing like we’ve seen almost every season since Gokaiger. Her style is unique: not very flattering, especially the bloomers but… unique. I don’t see anything tigerish about it whatsoever, which is disappointing.

Meanwhile yellow goes the opposite direction. Did you know that he’s a lion? Toei sure wants you to know that he’s a lion. It’s hard to look at the rest of his costume actually, because my eyes keep being drawn to the awful wig. And then you look down and hammer pants. On the plus side, I like that they chose African-style prints. Did you forget he’s a lion? Don’t forget he’s a lion.

Red seems pretty generic, including the parka and scarf. I think we’ll see a lot of people cosplaying him. I wish it was less bland, but he’s the human of the group so I suppose he has to be boring.

I adore Blue’s style. It’s super cute, I can clearly tell she’s water themed, and the patterns complement each other very well. I can barely see that necklace (does it have shark teeth on it? I hope so) but I love it already.

I really like Green’s outfit. It’s the most elaborate of the set. It looks like they went with an Indian theme because he’s an elephant, and I think it works perfectly. Everything coordinates really well, and his sash/belt reminds me of some kind of ancient ruler’s turban.

One thing I’m really loving in this season is the combination of all these exotic pattern and colors. It’s great to see something different this year.


Our first “First Impressions” post. This is always an exciting time of the year for me.  Alright let’s go from left to right:

White: I’m not a fan of this look. The proportions look awkward to me and the whole outfit just looks puffy. The pink color doesn’t look bad, but I would say it’s too predictable. I am relieved that it’s not another pink frock.

Yellow: I can’t help but see Eiji from OOO, only turned up to 11.  I like the bold patterns in the different pieces.  It’s a good thing that the patterns differ because the outfit would probably look too “matchey-matchey” otherwise.  The multiple layers add a nice bit of bulk and volume to the outfit, not that I need any bulk added to me… I’ll pretend that wig doesn’t exist for the time being.

Red:  Red has such a simple design this year.  Certainly a far cry from all the flair Captain Marvelous had.  The jacket looks nice enough but nothing really jumps out at me as notable.  I’m not sure if the bandanna is really necessary or fits with this particular jacket.  Maybe it’ll look better onscreen.

Blue:  More patterns and more layers.  I like how much flow this outfit has despite the many layers. The asymmetrical bottom is a unique detail.

Green:  I really like this.  It continues the theme with more patterns, but it looks like there’s a lot of lace so I hope it doesn’t turn out to be too delicate. The amount of accessories for this one seems a bit excessive though.

Overall this group of outfits stands out quite a bit from previous years.  I think it’ll be quite polarizing though as it doesn’t look like these pieces will be suitable for casual wear. That’s fine though. This is an anniversary year after all. Things should be memorable.


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