Bandai Premium Junk Motive ToQ3 Sweatshirt


This is the review for my Bandai Premium Fashion’s Junk Motive grey sweatshirt, which is worn by Mio (Tokkyu Sangou) in Ressha Sentai ToQger. This was released in 2014 retailing at 3,600 yen.

The style of the top is plain and simple which can obviously be used as casual everyday wear. Due to this fact, there’s nothing that really makes it stand out but it is completely screen accurate to the series.







It’s very soft to the touch and the inside is a fleece sort of feel which make it warm and comfortable, especially for those cold winter nights. The colour is a light grey shade but it has what I can only describe as a cloudy design. The overall design of the top is pretty sturdy and the stitching looks like it would hold up really well if you were to wear it many times.

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At first I wasn’t sure if I should spend so much on one item for my cosplays, but this is a sweatshirt I can wear everyday too, so it’s well worth it. I don’t have any reservations about buying it. The only real issue I have with it is the fact there’s nothing special about the design. Overall this could be sold in a high street store and no one would really notice it. It could just become another sweatshirt on a clothes rail. I guess sometimes the Sentai civilian gear, unless it’s a uniform, tends to be quite simplistic.








To sum up, I really love this sweatshirt. The design is simple, it’s comfortable to wear and each time I look at it or put it on, I feel like I’m part of the show. And I know it’s from Sentai so it’s sort of insider information. Any true fan will be able to spot the design. I would recommend this item to everyone as it’s a cool piece to own and I’m very happy with it.


 Value 4starsilver
 Detail 3starsilver Not a lot in overall design, but a nice simple logo.
 Quality 5starsilver

True to Size


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